Senior Oracle Developer

21 years' of commercial experience.

Commercial Experience

Financial Institutions (11 years).

Public Sector (3 years).

Energy Sector (8+ years).

Oracle Backend Development

18+ years of backend coding within the Oracle database from version 7 through to 19c. As an avid fan of Steven Feuerstein's teachings and a long-time follower of Tom Kyte, I always try to implement best practices and advanced techniques in my work.

Oracle APEX (Application Express) Developer

Started using APEX in its infancy back in 2006 when it was called HTMLDB! I am a real advocate of this Rapid Application Development tool as it allows me to produce highly functional and visually rich applications in a fraction of the time other UI's that interact with Oracle databases can. See my APEX examples!

Microsoft Technologies too!

Although developing with Oracle databases is my main passion, I have spent a lot of time working with Microsoft technologies too. I have used SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) commercially which, of course, works predominantly with SQL Server databases. I also started my career in IT as a Visual Basic developer and have continued to use it from time to time since then. This has included Visual Basic for Applications and the next major evolution of the language within the .Net framework.